Pinder Bros. Sheffield
T H E   P A S T,   T H E   F U T U R E   A N D   T H E
P E R F E C T   P R E S E N T

Pewter was originally made of pure Tin with the addition of some Lead but today's metal is completely free of Lead and, in addition to containing pure Tin, small amounts of Antimony (to add luster) and Copper (for strength) are also used. Pinder Bros. continually have samples of their production independently tested to make sure that the product meets the high Consumer Protection Standards demanded both at home and abroad.

Tin was originally mined in Cornwall and was bought as long ago as 1200 BC by the Phoenicians. In modern times the majority of Tin comes from the Far East and South America.

Pewter is highly suitable and competitive for the manufacture of tankards, spirit flasks, presentation cups and various measures. Pinder Bros. offers a range of approximately 1,000 items of spun pewter and this is believed to be one of the largest ranges offered in the world.

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