Pinder Bros. Sheffield
T H E   P A S T,   T H E   F U T U R E   A N D   T H E
P E R F E C T   P R E S E N T

The best selling items in the pewter ware range currently are the traditional tankards but production figures show that flasks are rapidly catching up. Tankards are usually in bright finish, one or half pint but a quarter pint and even a gallon size are available. They come with metal or glass bases in plain, lined or hammered finish with -* or without lids and a choice of many different handles. The range of flasks is particularly stunning, there being over 150 different types ranging in size from 1 oz to a gallon. Again they are mainly in bright finish and, although plain is the biggest seller, they are also available in a variety of finishes including hammered, barley, etched sports designs, scrimshaw and embossed motifs.

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