Royal Albert Alert
Patterns to be withdrawn

Obsolete Royal Albert Tableware-various items held in stock please inquire as to our stock holding and prices.

Pattern Name   Code Number
Autumn Roses 4321
Blue Blossom   4110
Caroline 5973
Christmas Magic 4942
Chantilly     4508
Satin Rose 4478
Serenity 4481
To be Withdrawn-December '99-Royal Albert
Pattern Name Code Number
Reverie   4598
Springfield  1759
Lyndale   1760
Victoriana Rose  0842
To be Withdrawn-December 2000-Royal Albert
Pattern Name Code Number
Beatrice      1438
Poinsettia (Now called Yuletide)  
To be Withdrawn-December 2001-Royal Albert
Pattern Name Code Number
Blossomtime   4412
Dimity Rose  4054
Heirloom    4554
Haworth    5980
Petit Point  4472
Winsome   4270
Tranquility  4584
Sweet Violets    4220