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Mouse Family

The charming world of Brambly Hedge has become part of the imaginative life of young and old all over the world and has been translated into a co-ordinated gift collection by Royal Doulton. Royal Doulton felt from the very outset that Jill Barklem's world of Brambly Hedge was that rarest of creations - a story which possessed universal appeal.

Jill Barklem, the British creator of this self-contained community of mice, gained her inspiration from Epping Forest. Her home, where she lives with her family, overlooks the Forest and observing the Forest scenes through the changing seasons, gave her the inspiration for the first four books: the Spring, Summer, Autumn & Winter Stories.

She then sat side by side with Royal Doulton's designers to ensure that all the vitality and detail of her intricate illustrations were retained in the collection of gifts, to capture the full charm of the delightful mice family on china and to translate them into figure models.

Mouse With Wheelbarrow

As the collection of books by Jill Barklem has increased so has the Royal Doulton Collection and today, the range and variety of the items offer gift ideas for all ages and for all occasions, as the mice of Brambly Hedge step from the pages of the books onto the finest of Royal Doulton china.


Brambly Hedge Spring Collection

It was the most beautiful morning. The spring
sunshine crept into every cottage along
Brambly Hedge, and the little windows in the trees

were open wide. It was Wilfred's birthday.


Brambly Hedge Summer Collection

Early that summer, Miss Poppy Eyebright
and Mr. Dusty Dogwood officially announced their
engagement. Everyone along the hedgerow
was delighted.


Brambly Hedge Autumn Collection

Hidden in the brambles,
Primrose discovered a very interesting hole.
"I wonder if anyone lives down there",
she said to herself, and wandered into the tunnel.


Brambly Hedge Winter Collection

Mrs. Apple had spent the afternoon baking pies,
cakes and puddings for the cold days
to come. She drew two armchairs up to the fire,
and brought in Mr. Apple's supper on a tray.