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Welcome to a tradition of artistry and craftsmanship

One of the great pleasures to be derived from any Royal Doulton piece is the superb fusion of artistry and craftsmanship which its creation involves.

Royal Doulton has always employed the most talented sculptors and modelers to create our figures. Names such as Charles Noke, Leslie Harradine and Peggy Davies have been familiar to generations of collectors. Today their modern counterparts, such as Valerie Annand, John Bromley, Alan Maslankowski, Pauline Parsons, Nada Pedley, Tim Potts, Robert Tabbenor and Douglas Tootle continue the proud tradition.


Rebecca - figure of the year 1998
4041 22.5cm (9") Valerie Annand 1998
Only the very finest figure is honoured with the title
of Figure of the Year, but no-one could doubt that
Rebecca is deserving of that honour. From her beautiful
smiling face, to the skirts of her flowing gown, she is the
epitome of youthful radiance.

The wide and fascinating range of subjects draws many people to Royal Doulton. There are colourful dancing ladies, historic characters, traditional figures and stylized modern sculptures to capture your imagination. Each has its own intriguing story and its own place in the history of Royal Doulton.

Remember too that collectors have sought out Royal Doulton wares almost since John Doulton founded the company in Lambeth in 1815. Since our "HN" figure range was launched some eighty-five years ago, Royal Doulton figures have become treasured family heirlooms, and retired editions often sell for impressive prices at auction and on the secondary market.

Just as important as the modelers are the potters and artists who, with painstaking care and attention to detail, transform an original clay model into a finished Royal Doulton figure. The traditional techniques which have always been used are still carried on, and cannot be hurried.
Only the finest quality materials are used in the creation of the Royal Doulton Figure Collection. The Fine English Bone China and Fine China clays capture every tiny detail, and are complemented by colours and glazes both rich and delicate, often with 22 carat gold as the finishing touch. It is the skill, artistry and sheer attention to detail which sets Royal Doulton figures apart.

Up to the end of the 19th century, when the
pace of life changed, street vendors were a
common sight in all our towns and cities.
With their bright and cheerful wares - balloons,
silks, flowers, toys and a hundred other items -
and their friendly cries for trade they must have
made a colourful spectacle.
Leslie Harradine created the first figure in this
series in 1929 - The Old Balloon Seller - and
the range has been a favourite ever since.

The Balloon Man

The Balloon Man 1954 19cm (7.5")
Leslie Harradine 1940


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