Royal Crown Derby


  R  O  Y  A  L    C  R  O  W  N      D  E  R  B  Y     P  A  P  E  R  W  E  I  G  H  T  S  
   A  N  D     G  I  F  T  W  A  R  E

L  A  V  I  S  H  L  Y      E  M  B  E  L  L  I  S  H   E  D     W  I  T  H   G  O  L  D

The name Royal Crown Derby has become synonymous with everything that is exceptional in the fascinating world of fine bone china. Today's sought-after range of intricately decorated paperweights is the culmination of over two hundred years of work by generations of talented craftsmen and artists.

Farm Animal Paperweights

F  A  R  M  Y  A  R  D    A  N   I  M  A  L    P  A  P  E   R  W  E  I  G  H  T  S

Bull 19.5cm (7.75") long / Piglet 6.5cm (2.5") long / Chicken 8cm (3.25") long / Cockerel 9.5cm (3.75") long

The collection of paperweights continues Royal Crown Derby's tradition of adapting the old oriental colours and motifs with creative ingenuity. Not only are the pieces beautifully sculpted, they also show dramatic use of symbolism in the decoration: for example, the Indian ornaments on the contemporary Mother and Baby elephants and the artistic details of fur and feathers on animals and birds.

The Paperweight Collection is magnificent as a whole, but within it there are several groups of creatures which make beautiful small collections in their own right, including birds, cats and splendid wildlife and countryside animals.

M  I  N  I  A  T  U  R  E     G  I  F  T  W  A  R  E

A charming collection of miniature works of art. This wonderful collection includes nostalgic items like an old-fashioned kettle and flat-iron as well as a range of tiny garden accessories. Also in the range are two loveable miniature teddy bears, Victoria and Edward. All feature the unmistakable Imari colour-palette and meticulous attention to detail.

Miniature Giftware

Garden Bench Watering Can Garden Roller Milk Churn Wheelbarrow Kettle Iron
8cm  long 7cm  high 7cm  high 6.5cm  high 10.5cm  long 7cm high 4.5cm long

Miniature Giftware Bears

Victoria 7cm (2.75") high  Edward 6.5cm (2.5") high


Miniature Giftware Noah's Ark

Noah's Ark 8cm (3.25") high



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